Our Process

Our Process

We’re an online platform for finding and completing the tax and accounting services needed to run your company and remain tax compliant. It starts with a simple solution to a complex problem – send a message or make an appointment to get anything tax and accounting done, whenever you want, and we take care of the rest. Tax Preparation, Payroll, HR, Benefits Services and more. Every project includes end-to-end project management, upfront prices, and top pre-vetted accountants. Our company follows two unique processes of delivering tax and accounting services.


No matter what city or state you may located in, you can always take advantage of our low service costs, and top-of-the-line customer support. We offer all our services remotely. With a remote session, you will receive a code via email to enter a live encrypted session with one of our accountants. In this session you will be able to communicate with the accountants via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, and you will be able to view the accountant’s screen from your own as the accountant prepares your return or looks into your tax situation and reflects it on the United States Tax Code to give you the best possible advantage.


With our unique platform, we have the ability to send an accountant right to your doorstep in a majority of major metropolitans, in cities which we have accountants located near you. Tax season inhabits a majority of winter months, arguably the worst driving season of the year. Let us do the traveling for you. Best part is we offer all parts of our service – Preparation, E-File, and Travel – for less than the price of a tax preparation service at a traditional firm.

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