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Indemnity Tax Services has served the public as a trusted solution in all things tax and accounting.


Traditional pricing models for tax preparation services are convoluted and arbitrary, no firm shares the same cost for services. These pricing differences can vary by hundreds of dollars to have the same return prepared at different accounting firms. We built a pricing model that makes more sense. We obtained pricing data from over five hundred accounting firms, calculated an average cost for tax preparation services, and marked down these averages by fifteen to thirty-five percent to derive a fees schedule that is uniquely competitive and demanding.




State: $39.00 per state
Form 1040-EZ: $75.00 per form
1040 Schedule A: $54.00 per form
1040 Schedule B: $10.00 per item
1040 Schedule C: $105.00 per business

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Tax Planning & Consultancy

Don’t make the mistake of oversimplifying your taxes. You could be leaving thousands on the table without careful tax planning and tax strategy. Using vast knowledge of the United States tax code, our team of accountants can aid you in figuring out the best strategies for dealing with your tax liabilities. We consult businesses and individuals on minimizing taxation. We understand you have more pressing matters to worry about then tax compliance.

If one seeks tax planning and consultancy services with a CPA Firm, they can expect to pay $150-$300 or more an hour, depending on the type of work, the size of the firm, and its location. Indemnity Tax Services offer’s individuals and businesses these same services at far lower costs. We offer all forms of tax planning and consultation at one low hourly rate, and we continue to travel to your business or home for your own convenience, making certain you don’t forget a pertinent form, document, or receipt, as this is no longer a possibility if the service is being conducted in the same home or office all your relevant tax documents are stored at.  Take advantage of our substantial network of highly distinguished CPA’s and Accountants. Call our support line and schedule an appointment today.




Tax Planning & Consultancy:  $120

Payroll Management

Even simple payroll processes can expose a business to labor and tax penalties. The more complex your business, the greater effect inaccurate data and tax issues may have on your payroll process as well as your company’s bottom line. With Indemnity Tax Services Payroll Management, each pay period your only responsibility is to report hours and changes to your Payroll Specialist.

Here are the options we offer:

Reporting Payroll

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Online
  • Mobile App


Employee Payment Options

  • Direct Deposit
  • Live Checks
  • On-Site Check Printing
  • Hand-Written Checks
  • Skylight One Prepaid MasterCard


Accountant Access Online

  • Allow your accountant access to pull necessary payroll reports using their own log in.


Employee Access Online

  • Convenient access to personal and payroll data, as well as check stubs and W-2 forms.


Report Center

  • This includes Payroll Summary, Cash Requirements, Retirement Plan Summary and the General Ledger Reports.


New Hire Reporting

  • We help businesses stay in compliance by ensuring that all new employees are reported to the proper state agency.


Online HR Library

  • Access to comprehensive coverage for HR, employee benefits, state and federal employee laws, tax and financial planning and employee safety.


Labor Compliance Poster Kit

  • State and Federal labor law posters, including any updates and changes.


Technology and Service to Support Your Business Success

  • Single-Sign-On to complete online payroll, make changes and access to over 140 Reports.


General Ledger Services

  • Post payroll data to popular accounting software including QuickBooks, Sage, and Paychex Accounting Online.


Data Exports

  • Export many reports into spreadsheets for importing into third-party software or manipulating data yourself.


Workers Compensation Report

  • View wages subject to workers compensation insurance and premium information


Workers Compensation Payment Service

  • Remit per-pay-period premiums based on actual wages to help reduce exposure to additional premiums and balloon payments upon audit.


Full SUI Service

  • Feel confident handling an unemployment claim or dispute. We’ll help you promptly respond to claims and appeal processing to help avoid fines and retain rights to appeal.


Garnishment Payment Service

  • Meet your obligations to handle garnishment payments with automatic electronic deduction and remittance of garnished wages.